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The class is taught by Dr Mark Papiani. Mark is a professionally qualified Krav Maga Instructor, having completed rigorous Instructor Training. Krav Maga Surrey is part of the Israeli Combat Systems Association (ICSA) which promotes an authentic style of Krav Maga.

Mark originally trained in Taekwondo (gaining a black belt with the TAGB) but switched to Krav Maga as he thought it provided a much simpler, far superior,  self-defence system that could be used in real-life situations, thereby differentiating it from sports Martial Arts such as Taekwondo and Karate. Mark has also done some training in boxing, Judo and Muay Thai (including training for a couple of weeks in Thailand). He continues to update his Krav Maga skills with ICSA and also continues cross-train, for example, he trained with Geoff Thompson in his Black Belt class under the Real Combat System. Mark is an expert in teaching and learning having obtained 3 degrees including a PhD.


Mark offers excellent instruction and background material and is free to advise on the best books, DVDs and training/safety equipment without any ties to promote equipment from one particular source. His teDr Mark Papianiaching is safe and effective for men and women of all levels of experience, abilities, fitness levels and ages from16 to 50+. No experience is necessary. You will be taught at a pace that suits you. If you want to improve your fitness and confidence, learn real self-defence skills and meet regularly with a team of like minded people in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere then contact Mark today for a chat and further details.