Krava Maga for the Over Forties

Training for Longevity: For most people, competition is but a short phase of their total athletic career. Sooner or later, your ‘war wounds’ will stack up, the mutant healing powers of youth will abandon you and you’ll have achieved all your competitive goals. That’s the time to switch over to destruction training. Your body’s ability to handle the rigors of competition has a built-in fuse; the harder you drive yourself, the more ends you’re burning it from. Destruction, on the other hand, is a life skill that will see you through to the end of your days — by making sure you get as many days as you can.

Krav Maga is for everyone. Unless you have health issues that need to be checked by a doctor first. You can train in Krav Maga until you reach your seventies although you might need to take a few more breaks during the class! As the quotes on this page suggest, Krav Maga is the ideal, practical self-defence system for all ages: As you get older full-contact competition, jumping, spinning kicks, and athletic throws may not be a sensible option. Instead, Krav Maga is optimised to work in real situations for men and women of all ages, body types and fitness levels. We concentrate on destructive techniques using gross motor movements.Fit people are happier and harder to kill

At Krav Maga Surrey you will be helped to progress the intensity of your training but I understand that students span different ages groups, start out with differing levels of strength and fitness, may have illnesses and injuries that impact training and also join for different purposes to achieve different goals.

Feel free to give me a call to chat about any concerns. The aim is to learn real self-defence techniques and get fitter while having fun.

If you still need convincing take a look at this video about taking up boxing in your forties and fifties and read the quotations below!

Beginner Boxing – Are You Too Old to Box? 4 Reasons to Get Started


…your choice of an art and school are an important dimension of injury prevention. Arts that emphasize a great deal of full contact training, jumping or high kicking, hard falling or throwing are not the best choice for a forty-five year old beginner. Classes that are over-run with little kids playing ninja turtles or filled with blood hungry kickboxing teenagers are also a poor choice. Look to an art that is well balanced and geared to adults with adults-only classes.

— Martial Arts After 40, Sang H. Kim, Turtle Press 1999


Our most senior member at Sleeping Storm Dojo is Harry Knowles who is still a young 84-year old. …Harry makes it quite clear that he does not come down to the Dojo to teach, instead he comes down to learn and share his knowledge with his fellow students. If we approach our training properly, stay fit, and always look to learn from rather than dominate and just compete against our fellow students, we may all also be blessed with the opportunity to be still practising and developing our skills at the age of 84.

— Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: A Training Manual, Ricardo Da Silva and Edward Semple, Crowood Press 2006